Clark Smith’s First Birthday

With the warm welcome to the fall season, in a beautiful newly built home, and the perfect sweets and treats prepared, the Smith’s celebrated Clark’s first year of life. The sound of his sweet giggles filled the room as family and friends gathered to celebrate. He opened all of his gifts (with some help from his mommy) and had an ear to ear grin the entire time. Those baby blue eyes lit up the day, and we were so thankful we got to be a part of it! Happy Birthday, Clark! penniman_jessica-004-31penniman_jessica-004-22penniman_jessica-004-33penniman_jessica-004-26penniman_jessica-004-18penniman_jessica-004-14penniman_jessica-004-11penniman_jessica-004-30penniman_jessica-004-6penniman_jessica-004-39penniman_jessica-004-34penniman_jessica-004-40penniman_jessica-004-42penniman_jessica-004-43penniman_jessica-004-41penniman_jessica-004-35penniman_jessica-004-44penniman_jessica-004-36penniman_jessica-004-45penniman_jessica-004-38penniman_jessica-004-37penniman_jessica-004-46

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