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My name is Jessica Rose Ellis, (aka Jess) and I am SO stoked that you stopped by my website. Photography is something that I’ve loved to do since the age of 14. I remember so clearly the first time I was able to “play” with someone’s DSLR camera. (I fell in love) I went from doing free photo shoots with friends and family to a few paid gigs. But everything with photography started to get real for me when I met my husband. A causal dinner with friends at their house near then end of 2014 turned into an unexpected meeting of each other. Our friendship didn’t take long to cultivate, however our feelings for each other were immediate yet unspoken toward one another at the time. May 14, 2016 we bound our love together in front of friends and family thus beginning our journey for adventure.

He also loved photography and always encouraged me to pursue it whole-heartedly. We started pursuing it together, and he really instilled the courage and motivation in me to pursue it fully. My heart is wired to capture moments that flood the mind with stories upon stories in a way words simply cannot express. It is because of my husband and I’s love that I ADORE capturing love so much, and that is the “why” behind the name. Grant Austin Ellis, thank you.


(Pictures featured, captured by the wonderful Brittany Conner Photography)

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